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  • Inventory

  • Sale

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  • Purchase

  • Integration

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Get Started

StockUnify Overview

StockUnify is a powerful cloud-based inventory management software designed to streamline and optimize inventory operations for businesses of all sizes. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features,StockUnify enables businesses to effectively manage their inventory, orders, customers and suppliers. Help businesses increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Main Features

Real-time Stock Level Tracking

  • Real-time visibility into your inventory across multiple locations
  • Stock transfer/ adjust between locations
  • Product package
  • Manage product with variations (e.g. size/color)
  • Custom Price
  • Low stock alert
  • Re-order alert

Sale/Purchas Order Management

  • Powerful and efficient order system
  • Flexible tax rule
  • Customer management
  • Supplier management
  • Order margin calculation

Barcode Management

  • Manage product barcode
  • Add product to order by scan
  • Compatible with all barcode scanners

Inventory Analytics and Reporting

  • Inventory forecasting
  • Sale trends analytics

Integration with Accounting Software

  • Seamless synchronization of inventory with accounting software

Security and Data Protection

  • Granular-level user access control
  • Role-based user management system